It has been said that "Brevity is the soul of wit". If that is the case, then I am witless.
I studied and am still studying Physics. I am in grad school to get my PhD sometime in my lifetime. I also have a military background, but it’s the Air Force so take it easy on me.

As a reader of many technical papers I enjoy their unbiased point of view along with the new perspectives they provide, but also have a certain dislike for how unnecessarily contrived some of them tend to be. I like things that are simple.

As a listener, reader, objective viewer, and a key player in the news I have some experience and a connection to them. The information some of them provide is very imporant, but I don’t like bias and certainly don’t enjoy blowing things out of proportion. At that point it is just entertainment, and the news and entertainment are definitely not meant to go hand in hand.

So my goal is to provide you with content that is as opinion free as possible, while still maximizing how much information I can provide that is organized and will help better inform you.

Now I said earlier in this bio that I am a key player in the news and you may be wondering how is that. Well what I mean is that what happens out there affects me! And it affects you as well! So it is up to you to stay informed of these things that have a very real impact in your life! Hopefully I can help inform you so that you can become a more effective and informed citizen!


From personal experience I have learned that when you really want to learn something that you have no experience with, you can’t just go to location and learn all about it. You need to scrounge through the depths of the internet and run across some not very reputable sources, find some commentary, and after going through all of that you might come across some reputable information, which was what you were looking for.
My goal is to provide all that information as concise(I'll try) as possible, so that you don’t have to go around looking for information that could be false, and to provide the most accurate information. So why should you trust me?
I will always list my sources, ALWAYS! I will claim right here that any and all content I post I did not obtain through years of research, or made it up, or through hard work and dedication, but merely through very many internet searches that yielded the most accurate results.
I will also state that I am NEVER trying to push any opinions on you. If you feel that an article is biased a certain way, please let me know. Regardless of how many biases I have, which I admit as a human being I have some, my intention is never to push you a certain way, but to inform you, so that you can make your own decisions!  

My last point to make and the most important I think is that this isn't research. In High School you might be given a research project in which you are expected to go to the library, read up some books or internet articles and write a paper on some topic and that counts as your "research project". Just like this website here, that isn't "research", but a transferrance of knowledge. Research is done by experts, who have spent many years studying all these topics that we then learn from. So the credit always goes to them.