WhatsApp goes offline worldwide in a major outage: Report

WhatsApp goes offline worldwide
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  • WhatsApp goes offline worldwide :Explore what actually happened?
  • Meta’s messaging Mayhem : WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram on trouble…
  • User Left Hanging: Inside the WhatsApp Outage
  • Report : History, Present & Future precaution if WhatsApp goes offline worldwide again
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WhatsApp has great importance and plays a crucial role in our day-to-day lives. We send messages (Text, voice, or video), voice or video calls, and share photos, videos, important documents, and more. Can you think how important it is in your life? Imagine you’re about to send a message to your wife, partner, friends, or family, but suddenly, it’s stopped/not working. That’s exactly what happened yesterday to billions of users worldwide. It all started around 2 PM ET, leaving everyone scratching their heads. Siri – Senior tech journalist of ‘The Infowire‘ covered the news & reported in detail that What happened?

WhatsApp goes offline worldwide: what actually happened?

It was around 2 PM ET yesterday (March 3, 2024), and reports started with users from different corners of the globe facing issues like sending/receiving messages and even logging in. The app was out of action, and while the people could type out messages, they remained stuck until the service was back online.

According to Downdetector, a website that tracks online outages, saw a surge in reports exceeding 17,000. Countries like USA, UK, India, and Brazil were particularly affected.

Cause of Outage

The parent company/organization – Meta, revealed that the glitch didn’t just affect WhatsApp. Messenger and Instagram also caught up in the chaos. But, the exact reason behind the outage hasn’t been officially disclosed. However, sources like NetBlock, which monitors internet disruption, suggested it wasn’t internet restrictions or filtering on the country level. This points towards the parent organization’s infrastructure or software.

Finally, the service Restored

The good news is that the service was restored within a few hours (Approx. 3 hrs). By 4 PM ET, some users in the US noticed improvement, and updates around 4:45 PM ET confirmed that fixes were in motion. Finally, the issues were resolved when WhatsApp posted on X (Formerly Twitter): “And we’re back. Happy chatting!

WhatsApp goes offline worldwide & back online now

WhatsApp goes offline worldwide: A History of Hiccups

This outage isn’t the first time Meta has faced technical difficulties. Just recently, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Thread experienced similar issues. While that lasted only two hours, it caused quite a stir.

As per the latest research & data published by Bankmycell, there are around 3.03 billion WhatsApp monthly active users. It is such a widely used application, known for its reliability, and had similar outages & technical issues back in 2022.

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What to do if WhatsApp goes offline worldwide again?

While there is no 100% working & guaranteed solution during an outage, here are some alternatives you can consider and use :

Use other messaging apps and services: There are many other messaging apps & services like Telegram or Signal. If your Network allows, these can be temporary solutions for urgent communication.

Phone calls & SMS: Though there are no rich features, consider using traditional phone calls and SMS (Short Message Service)for critical messages during an outage.

Wait it Out: In most cases, Outages like this are resolved within a few hours. being patient and checking again later might be the best option.

What’s Next Learning from the Outage

This Outage taught us something important: Even the best apps can have problems. it is a reminder to have backup plans and other ways to stay in touch. Keep an eye out for updates as we learn more about what happened and how things are getting back to normal.

You better know – What am I talking about?

Siri aka Mannu shree

Similarly, it also taught a life lesson – It doesn’t matter how close we are to someone, how important they are. Everyone has their own Goal, thing to take care of, someone important to them, and they may cause trouble to us. We should always be mentally prepared and emotionally stable to face technical issues in our lives.

If there is any such crisis or trouble in your life, you must have the courage & willpower to stand high, and the most important in your life is yourself. Always have a way out of the worst & worst of your life. Don’t let anyone dominate you!

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Stay Smiling! Stay Curious! 

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WhatsApp goes offline worldwide
Review Overview
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